UST Networks flx Solutions is a leading provider of converged IP solutions, with expertise in contact centres, voice and video, IP networks, and security. At UST Networks flx solutions we have the technical expertise to offer a wide range of custom solutions to meet your organisation's communication requirements. From the design and installation to a multi-media IP enabled contact centre, you can be sure to benefit from UST Networks' consistently high standards of service. Furthermore, once a solution is implemented, we can provide maintenance services, training and support to complement your internal resource to ensure enhanced communication and maximum return on investment .

As voice and data communication becomes ever more critical to an organisation's strategic success, we believe it is essential that any infrastructure which enables communication is resilient, secure and future-proof. Our aim is to help our customers achieve their corporate objectives through the delivery of innovative, IP communications that harness the latest advances in voice and data technologies.

Our flx Solutions help organisations to bring extraordinary efficiency to capacity site management, providing excellent service and security, whilst reducing overheads and creating new channels for revenue generation.

UST Networks only partners with leading providers of hardware, infrastructure and applications and we have developed long standing strategic partnerships with world-class suppliers of voice and data technology solutions. In addition to these relationships we also partner with technology specific-suppliers which enables us to offer custom and innovative solutions for all voice and data technology applications. And as we are vendor independent we have the flexibility to always specify the most appropriate solution for your organisation's special requirements.

In addition to the technology solutions available through our partners, our key focus is to keep one step ahead in terms of our own understanding of changing technology solutions. This means that we are able to effectively use our knowledge to harness all new and emerging technology when helping to implement customer solutions that add real value to the efficiency of an organisation and its bottom line.

With a rolling programme of research and development, led by our dedicated IP Laboratory and Applications Development team, UST Networks flx Solutions is able to help you to continually gain competitive advantage in your marketplace through advances in new and emerging technologies.

Our mission is simple:

"To provide secure, resilient, future-proof IP networks and innovative, integrated IP communications solutions and services which enable our customers to become leaders in their marketplace."

flxDial brings Savings to businesses without contract risks. You can easily Control spending, easily monitor usage and manage billing through a single, centralized account. flxDial is a convenient way to save on all of your long distance and international calling from any phone even when traveling around the world. With flxDial you never run out of talk time utilizing Auto-Top-Up feature. You can choose to have your account automatically refilled. You determine how much to add and when to add! Whenever your balance falls below the selected amount, the credit card you have on file will be charged automatically. Learn more »

flxMobile makes international cellular service easy and affordable for anyone traveling overseas. The UST Networks SIM is compatible with any unlocked GSM cell phone with the appropriate GSM bands. The SIM card has a UK based number. Our Global SIM also supports data functions, so if you need a data solution that works in 122+ countries, with 3G speed available in over 70 popular destinations. Whether you are a frequent business traveler or a tourist seeking a reliable yet affordable calling solution, the UST Networks SIM will cover you in over 122 countries. Since this is a Pay As You Go solution, there are no contracts to sign or monthly bills – ever! Learn more »

flxPBX is a digital telephone switch owned by a company or organization. A IP PBX is used to reduce the total number of telephone lines they need to lease from the telephone company. Without a PBX, a company will need to lease one telephone line for every employee with a telephone. Learn more »

flxIVR is simply a method of extracting and imparting data over a telephone line. IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is a capability of many larger, more complex telecommunications systems. Most IVR systems also feature database or XML connectivity, which allows the system to extract information from a server "on-the-fly" in response to a caller query. Learn more »

A single network offers the flexibility needed to adapt to the changing needs of customers as well as the organization. In addition, top vendors are developing a future generation of products to optimize the single network. By laying the groundwork now, your organization will be primed to implement this technology faster than the competition. Learn more »