UST Networks delivers true end-to-end contact centre solutions. We are uniquely placed to provide competitive advantage by delivering unified solutions that address all the component parts of a complete contact centre deployment, including telecommunications and state-of-the-art applications. Post installation, UST Networks can take full operational ownership of your call centre ensuring complete peace of mind and leaving you to focus on your core business..

Customers will derive major benefits from an integrated UST Networks approach resulting in a step change in contact centre performance in terms of customer experience, transaction costs and management time.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

UST Networks' IVR solution helps guide customers to the required information over the telephone via an intuitive series of prompts, dramatically reducing operational costs by fully or partially automating customer calls.

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

CTI links up your computers and telephones allowing customer profiles to be retrieved from CRM systems based on call tags such as caller ID from incoming or outgoing calls.

Campaign Management

Our aim at UST Networks is to optimize the efficiency of all outbound communications, delivering solutions to schedule, managing calls and providing callers with consistent and flexible prompts to help them capture required data. To manage outbound calls, predictive dialers allow agents to reach more customers, more quickly and more profitably.

Call Recording

Customer interaction needs to be analysed in order to understand and improve organisational performance. A call recording solution from UST Networks enables conversations to be stored as a permanent record and accessed on demand.

Home-working/distributed workforce

UST Networks' virtual contact centre solutions enable the seamless integration of additional contact centres and home-working agents. This operates as one contact centre regardless of agents' location in terms of call routing, workforce optimisation and performance monitoring.