...Maximize your network's potential.
A single network offers the flexibility needed to adapt to the changing needs of customers as well as the organization. In addition, top vendors are developing a future generation of products to optimize the single network. By laying the groundwork now, your organization will be primed to implement this technology faster than the competition. This can provide you with an edge in customer service, a reduced cost structure and enhanced employee productivity

Transforming your existing transport network into a seamlessly converged network won't happen overnight, but your business will quickly reap the benefits from myriad applications based on convergence, including multimedia email, instant messaging, Web and videoconferencing, and unified collaboration. Ultimately, these solutions aim to make users more productive and more responsive to your customers' needs.

As more and more systems standardise the use of IP as a method of communications, it is vital that you have a partner that can truly offer a converged solution, maximising the investment in your communications structure. Count on UST Networks to deliver a full lifecycle view of how best to plan, build, run and monitor a secure, high-performance converged network.

Contact Center Solutions
Whether you want to optimise incoming call routing for a small branch office or provide multi-media blending to a busy call center, our aim is to deliver solutions which are tailored to your unique communication objectives. Learn more »

IP Infrastructure
Every UST Networks Converged Solutions network is designed with the sole purpose of supporting your organisation. Our networks are secure, resilient and future proof ensuring peace of mind for our customers.. Learn more »

We have significant experience in delivering a number of security solutions, including access control, security policy management, vulnerability assessments, firewalls and intrusion management.. Learn more »