...Where flexibility meets low rates
flxDial is a convenient way to save on all of your long distance and international calling from any phone even when traveling around the world with itemized billing.

With flxDial you never run out of talk time utilizing Auto-Top-Up feature. You can choose to have your account automatically refilled -- you determine how much to add and when to add! Whenever your balance falls below the selected amount, the credit card you have on file will be charged automatically.

With flxDial you create and manage multiple sub accounts from your master account. Monitor call history and always know how much you are spending on long distance telephone service. You will receive a monthly statement online.

With flxDial you can check rates, review your call history, and add funds to your account, set up the automatic recharge option, manage Speedy Access (No PIN) Dialing and more.

Access Methods:

Making calls with your Access Number

  1. Dial the access number from the country you're calling from.
  2. At the prompt, if required, enter your PIN number.
  3. Dial your destination number.

Making calls using the Internet from anywhere

  1. Use your computer

    A great solution for people on the go! Imagine the savings of making calls from your hotel, an Internet cafe - you name it! It's powered through your PC so there are no batteries to replace. Use a headset with a PC or the internal speakers and microphone but it's better to use a headset plugged into the USB port. You'll hear flxDial's great telephone quality

  2. Use a normal phone

    There's no need to use PC to make or receive calls with flxDial.
    You can use a normal phone to make or receive internet calls without a PC switched on, just like normal calls. A normal phone can be connected to router using an analogue VoIP adaptor(ATA). You can then enjoy the freedom of making and receiving internet calls without needing a PC using a normal phone, and you'll get the best voice quality.

  3. Use a VoIP phone

    VoIP phones can be directly connected to a router using a standard RJ-45 connector. You'll enjoy the freedom of making and receiving internet calls without needing a PC.

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