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flxIVR is simply a method of extracting and imparting data via the spoken voice, over a telephone line. IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is a capability of many larger, more complex telecommunications systems. Most IVR systems also feature database or XML connectivity, which allows the system to extract information from a server "on-the-fly" in response to a caller query.
If you've ever called, for example, a bank-by-phone service to retrieve your balance, you've used an IVR system. You call the number, and the call is answered by a recording, which prompts you for your account number and asks what information you want. You provide this input, and the bank's IVR system replies using customized voice prompts.

flxIVR is an automated call center solution gives your company the ability to unleash the potential of interactive voice response systems to drive more revenue and lower costs. But perhaps more importantly, we give you the power to connect with your customers and strengthen your relationships.

In today's unpredictable world, companies need a quick, reliable and easy way to notify their customers about important information. flxIVR delivers a robust, multi-channel communications solution that gives companies the power to easily deliver simultaneous real-time voice notifications to thousands of people located anywhere in the world. Customers can be notified ahead of time about a variety of things such as a flight that is delayed, a prescription that is ready, or reminded of a service appointment, just to name a few. flxIVR makes it fast, easy and cost effective to send messages that connect with your customers anytime, anywhere, any place.

flxIVR Outbound Notification:

flxIVR Outbound Notification is a system specifically designed to implement an automated outbound calling solution and deliver voice communications to individuals and voice mail systems. With flxIVR Outbound Notification, time sensitive, critical messages to customers are rapidly delivered at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.
Through integration with a customer’s database system, flxIVR Outbound Notification platform disseminates information to your customer without the manual operation of a contact center agent. Based on system generated event triggers or predetermined methodologies the end customer is reached with pre-recorded audio scripts. The message may be personalized with customer-specific details, and with interactive communication options such as touch tone.

flxIVR Outbound Notification allows your business to transform itself from reactive to proactive; providing efficiency which allows your employees to focus on sales, revenue generating activities, and premier customer service.

  • Works across multiple communication mediums: telephony, wireless, internet...
  • Offers touch tone & speech recognition
  • Allows you to customize message delivery with personalized information such as name, time, date, etc
  • Easily integrate with relational database applications to retrieve data and report call detail
  • Support common database structure
  • Provides comprehensive reporting
  • Improve business efficiency related to customer communication
  • Fully hosted solution which requires no hardware or software acquisition
  • Lowers call center overhead costs and enhances productivity
  • Increases moral amongst CSR call center representatives through reduction of repetitive tasking
  • Provides a cost effective alternative to traditional communication practices

flxIVR offers significant advantages:

  • Reduces inbound calls
  • Allows customers to set their own preferences
  • Reduces operating costs
  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Improves customer retention
  • Increases brand awareness and loyalty
  • Drives new revenue
  • Limitless scalability: from three ports to thousands

We understand the special script and recording requirements of IVR.
UST Networks will:

  • Evaluate your IVR application's call flow design and verbiage
  • Develop consistent scripts appropriate to your company's IVR brand
  • Professionally voice coach, record and format your current or redesigned IVR voice prompts to meet your application's specifications
  • Support your ongoing needs for custom voice prompts using the same professional male or female voice talent throughout

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