Advances in communications technology and in particular the advent of the Internet have provided us with many new ways to communicate information quickly and effectively. However, with new methods of communication come new challenges and threats, with networks needing to be available 24 x 7, allowing access only to the staff and customers that you have authorised

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

is the ability to access a network from a remote location not directly connected to the network site enabling employees to work away from the office.


provide an effective method of limiting unwanted communications between computers or networks, as well as allowing network traffic to be monitored, thereby providing an accurate audit trail.

Security Management

provides a single point of management for all your security devices, as well as providing consolidated event reporting.

Access Control

gives organisations the ability to correctly identify and verify users, ensuring that their access is limited to a level appropriate to their role and responsibilities.

Vulnerability Assessments

are critical to highlight and proactively reduce the security threats that define today's business climate.

Virus and Spam Protection

scans all incoming or outgoing network Web traffic and email, these systems can detect and quarantine viruses before the network is accessed minimising disruption within your organisation.

Content Filtering

ensures that your networks aren't overloaded with unsolicited data traffic which will improve the efficiency of your organisation.

Intrusion Management

provides sensors to monitor the network for potential security breaches, scanning applications for malicious traffic that may have passed unnoticed through Firewalls .