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UST Networks provides its services to you ("Customer", "you" or "end user") subject to the following conditions.

If you visit or shop at our website or any other affiliated websites, you affirmatively accept the following conditions. Continued use of the site constitutes the affirmative agreement to these terms and conditions.

UST Networks reserves the right to change the terms, conditions and notices under which the UST Networks sites and services are offered, including but not limited to the charges associated with the use of the UST Networks sites and services.

1. Electronic Communications

1.1. When you visit UST Networks websites or send Email to us, you are communicating with us electronically. You consent to receive communications from us electronically. We will communicate with you by telephone, Email or by posting notices on this site. You agree that all agreements, notices, disclosures and other communications that we provide to you electronically satisfy any legal requirement that such communications be in writing.

2. Copyright

2.1. All content on this site, such as text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, data compilations and software, is the property of UST Networks and is protected by international copyright laws. The compilation of all content on this site is the exclusive property of UST Networks and is protected by international copyright laws. All software used on this site is the property of UST Networks and is protected by international copyright laws.

3. Services & Conditions

3.1. UST Networks shall not be held liable for any delay or failure to provide service(s) at any time. In no event shall UST Networks, its officers, Directors, Employees, Shareholders, Affiliates, Agents or Providers who furnishes services to customer in connection with this agreement or the service be liable for any direct, incident, indirect, special, punitive, exemplary or consequential damages, including but not limited to loss of data, lost of revenue, profits or anticipated profits, or damages arising out of or in connection to the use or inability to use the service. The limitations set forth herein apply to the claimed founded in Breach of Contract, Breach of Warranty, Product Liability, Tort and any and all other liability and apply weather or not UST Networks was informed of the likely hood of any particular type of damage.

3.2. UST Networks makes no warranties of any kind, written or implied, to the service in which it provides.

3.3. UST Networks provides prepaid services only. You must keep a positive balance to retain services with UST Networks. You must pay all negative balances immediately. Customer agrees to keep a positive balance in customer's account at all times. Customer agrees to pay any and all charges that customer incurs while using UST Networks' service.


3.5. Charges for telephone calls are measured in whole minutes. All calls which are fractions of a minute are rounded up to the next whole minute (e.g., a call which lasts 1 minute, 42 seconds will be charged as a 2 minute call). Generally, timing of calls begins when the called party or automated answering device (such as an answering machine or a facsimile machine) answers the call, and ends when one of the parties disconnects from the call, or UST Networks receives an “on-hook” signal from the terminating carrier. However, some foreign carriers (with which UST Networks must interconnect in order to terminate calls to foreign countries) designate a call as “answered” when the called party’s line rings or after a certain number of rings, and will charge UST Networks for a completed call. In these situations, UST Networks will charge for the call as if it were answered by the called parties. UST Networks may change the billing period or billing increment from time to time by posting any such change on our website at least five (5) days before they become effective, except that any change that is required by law or a governmental authority shall be effective immediately. Your use of the Service after any such change shall deem your acceptance of those changes.

3.6. UST Networks may change the prices and charges for the Services and offer special promotions from time to time. UST Networks may decrease prices without providing advance notice. Any increase to your rates will be reflected in the applicable Rate Sheet and posted on our website at least one (2) days before they become effective. You are responsible for checking the Rate Sheet for any rate changes; your use of the Services after new rates are posted shall deem your acceptance of the new rate.

3.7. All taxes, tax-like charges, and tax related surcharges are referred to collectively as “Tax (es)” You agree to pay all Taxes imposed. If you provide UST Networks with a duly authorized tax exemption certificate, UST Networks will exempt you in accordance with law, effective on the date UST Networks receives the certificate. UST Networks will not provide advance notice of changes to taxes, fees, surcharges and other charges, except as required by applicable law

3.8. UST Networks services are not intended for use as a primary telephone source for business or residential users.

3.9. UST Networks does not allow calls originating from Payphones to toll free numbers on its network.

3.10. In the event payment is made by personal check and your check is not honored by the institution on which it was drawn, UST Networks will impose, and you will be required to pay, a £25.00 fee, where permitted by applicable law, in addition to other remedies available to UST Networks.

3.11. Use of UST Networks' services for telemarketing, broadcast faxing, delivery of unauthorized or unsolicited advertising, promotional materials or solicitations is strictly prohibited. Failure to abide by these terms will result in immediate account termination.

3.12. Customer agrees to the jurisdiction of the courts of England for any and all legal matters.

3.13. Violation of any state or federal laws or laws for any other competent jurisdiction may result in immediate account termination and/or disconnection of the offending service.

3.14. UST Networks reserves the right to terminate service at any time with or without notice; especially if Customer is found to be in violation of UST Networks' Terms & Conditions. You agree that UST Networks shall not be liable to you or to any third party for any modification, suspension or discontinuance of service.

3.15. Due to the nature of this industry and high credit card fraud rate, UST Networks reserves the right to request the following documentation for verification purposes; a copy of the credit card used to establish the account along with valid photo identification such as a Passport, Drivers License or other Government issued identification.

3.16. You must notify UST Networks of any disputed charges within thirty (30) days of the charge being posted to your Account. Notices must include all relevant information, including but not limited to account number, amount in dispute, reasons for the dispute, a contact number and email address for the account holder and any other detail sufficient for UST Networks to appropriately evaluate the dispute. To the extent UST Networks determines that a charge adjustment is warranted, UST Networks will credit your Account. If you fail to notify UST Networks of a charge dispute as noted above, you will waive all rights to bring any claim regarding the particular charge.

3.17. Customer assumes responsibility for security of their assigned PINs and is responsible for any calls made using their PIN(s). Customer must report lost/stolen cards to the customer service department immediately. The customer assumes all liability for fraudulent usage of any UST Networks service.

3.18. Customer must notify UST Networks immediately regarding lost or stolen SIM cards if the Customer suspects or should reasonably suspect that the SIM Card is being used in an unlawful or fraudulent manner. The Customer is responsible for all charges incurred up until the time of said notification pending review of call records by UST Networks.

4. Product Configuration

4.1. UST Networks IT services are not intended for the novice user. UST Networks does not offer technical assistance for third party devices. This includes PBX Servers/Switches, Routers, IP Phones and ATA Adapters.

5. Address Verification Service (AVS)

5.1. To minimize fraud and fraud-related chargebacks, UST Networks utilizes The Address Verification Service (AVS) to verify the validity of the billing address provided by customers by comparing it to the one on file with the credit card issuer. UST Networks sends an address verification request with a transaction authorization only request.

6. Refund Policy

6.1. We offer full refunds on remaining prepaid balance upon request for all payments made within 60 days. There will be a £0.89 processing fee per refund transaction. Our money back guarantee does not apply to any charges for local and international usage.

7. Discontinuation of Services by UST Networks

7.1. UST Networks may immediately discontinue or otherwise limit your use of the Services without notice if (1) UST Networks has reasonable grounds to believe that you have used the Service in an unlawful, fraudulent or abusive manner, (2) you fail to pay for the Services, (3) UST Networks determines that you are a credit risk, (4) you refuse to pay a deposit or adhere to a credit limit, required by UST Networks to reduce your credit risk, (5) you fail to provide information, or provide false information, that is essential for billing, (6) UST Networks has received notice from your local telephone company that the local telephone company has canceled your local exchange service, (7) you have breached this Agreement, (8) you have acted in a manner that is threatening, obscene, harassing, or abusive to UST Networks personnel and (9) Your telephone equipment fails to pass back to UST Networks the appropriate signal to start and stop billing for a call. The discontinuance of the Services by UST Networks does not relieve you of any obligation to pay UST Networks for charges due and owing for Services furnished up to the time of discontinuance.

8. Site Policies, Modification & Severability

8.1. We reserve the right to make changes to our site, policies, and these Terms & Conditions at any time. If any of these conditions shall be deemed invalid, void, or for any reason unenforceable, that condition shall be deemed severable and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining condition.

9. General Complaints

9.1. Please send reports of activity in violation of these Terms & Conditions to abuse@ustnetworks.com. UST Networks will reasonably investigate incidents involving such violations. UST Networks may involve and will cooperate with law enforcement officials if any criminal activity is suspected. Violations may involve criminal and civil liability.

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