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Who are we?

UST Networks flx Solutions is a leading provider of converged IP solutions, with expertise in contact centres, voice and video, IP networks, and security. UST Networks only partners with leading providers of hardware, infrastructure and applications and we have developed long standing strategic partnerships with world-class suppliers of voice and data technology solutions. In addition to these relationships we also partner with technology specific-suppliers which enables us to offer custom and innovative solutions for all voice and data technology applications

flx.DIAL A convenient way to save on all of your long distance and international phone calling with 3 simple steps:
  1. Dial the access number from the country you're calling from
  2. At the prompt, if required, enter your PIN number
  3. Dial your destination number

flx.PBX Just like local extensions, you can add remote extensions to call cascades for sophisticated call routing options. With the Follow Me feature, you can have your calls ring first at your desk, then your cell phone, then your home phone. For your callers, the experience is seamless; you can take their call on the golf course without them knowing you're out of the office.
flxPBX includes all the normal features of a PBX plus much more as you can see below. With flxPBX there are no feature packages to choose from. You always get all the features tailored for your needs.

flx.DATA As more and more systems standardise the use of IP as a method of communications, it is vital that you have a partner that can truly offer a converged solution, maximizing the investment in your communications structure. Count on UST Networks to deliver a full lifecycle view of how best to plan, build, run and monitor a secure, high-performance converged network. We are uniquely placed to provide competitive advantage by delivering unified solutions that address all the component parts of a complete contact centre deployment, including telecommunications and state-of-the-art applications.

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